SPS methodology helps us to

The SPS (Standardized Precipitation Index) methodology is a statistical tool used in hydrology and climatology to assess and monitor drought conditions based on precipitation data. It helps us to: Quantify Drought Severity: SPS methodology allows us to quantify the severity of drought by comparing current precipitation levels with long-term historical averages. This helps in understanding … Read more

Work Methodology for Retaining Wall Construction

Work Methodology for Retaining Wall Construction Purpose: This document outlines the methodology employed for constructing RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) retaining wall structures. Retaining Wall Drawing & BBS Download Setting Out at Site: The layout for the PCC (Plain Cement Concrete) leveling course is marked on the proposed location, referencing the project centerline established along the … Read more

Work Method Statement for Lateral Pile Load Test (Routine Pile) | IS 2911-1985 Code

Work Method Statement for Lateral Pile Load Test (Routine Pile) Join Group Platform Link Construction Jobs (WhatsApp) WhatsApp Join Now Construction methodology (whatsapp) WhatsApp Join Now methodology.in Scope: This document outlines the method for conducting a lateral pile load test to determine the safe horizontal load of piles at structure locations (Major and Minor Bridges) … Read more


The project involves the supply and installation of NP-4 type reinforced concrete pipe culverts, with excavation and backfilling as per contract specifications. Key processes include pipe inspection, excavation in soft soil or below ground level, and pipe laying. Construction requires a concrete weigh batching plant, transit truck mixer, and crane. The Site Engineers will supervise all operations and maintain daily site records.

Agile Scrum Methodology

what is agile Agile is an iterative and incremental approach to software development and project management that prioritizes flexibility, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. It emerged as a response to the traditional, linear project management methodologies that often faced challenges in adapting to changing requirements and priorities. Methodology Of Agile Scrum Agile Scrum is a popular … Read more