Work Method Statement for Lateral Pile Load Test (Routine Pile) | IS 2911-1985 Code

Work Method Statement for Lateral Pile Load Test (Routine Pile)

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This document outlines the method for conducting a lateral pile load test to determine the safe horizontal load of piles at structure locations (Major and Minor Bridges) within our project. This test is conducted subsequent to the vertical pile load test (compression), with a comparison to the design lateral load.


Referring to IS 2911-1985 Code of Practice for Design and Construction of Pile Foundation (Part 4) Load test on Piles.

Manpower & Equipment Details Lateral Pile Load Test :

a. Skilled Labor – As necessary
b. Engineer/Technician – As necessary
c. Excavator/Dozer/Grader – As necessary
d. Loaded truck for estimated load reaction
e. Hydraulic Jack with a capacity of 200 tonnes and a calibrated pressure gauge
f. Dial gauges with 50mm travel and an accuracy of 0.01mm
g. Datum bar of sufficient length for fixing dial gauges using a magnetic base.
h. Miscellaneous items such as packing plates, etc.

Procedures of Lateral Pile Load Test :

  1. Conduct lateral pile load tests on both test and working piles.
  2. Set up the lateral pile load as depicted in Appendix A.
  3. Position the test plate and install other accessories like the jack and pressure gauge with pump.
  4. Perform the test and record load and displacement readings at specified time intervals following procedures outlined in the IS code mentioned above.
  5. Adhere to the loading pattern sequence outlined in Appendix B.
  6. After recording load vs. displacement readings, calculate the safe horizontal load of the pile.

Inspection & Quality Control:

Observations during the test will be conducted at designated intervals, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Following the test, thorough calculations will be performed to ascertain the safe horizontal load. Subsequently, comprehensive reports detailing the findings will be compiled and submitted for review by both the Independent Engineer (IE) and our project designers.


Safety considerations are paramount throughout the testing process. Stringent safety arrangements will be implemented in alignment with the established safety plan and procedures. Every precaution will be taken to ensure the well-being of personnel involved and the integrity of the testing environment.


In conclusion, the lateral pile load test will proceed in accordance with the outlined procedures, adhering closely to specification requirements. This testing will be conducted on both test and working piles, with a commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and precision.

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