Methodology for Penetration Test for Bitumen (IS 1203: 1978)

Penetration Test for Bitumen ( IS 1203: 1978)

Equipment Use for penetration test for bitumen :

1)Penetrometer: Utilized for gauging the penetration of a standardized needle into the bitumen sample.

2)Sample Container: A receptacle designed to secure the bitumen sample during the testing process.

3)Thermometer: Employed to measure the temperature of the bitumen sample.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

Sample Preparation:

1) Elevate the temperature of the bitumen sample to an appropriate testing range, typically between 25°C and 30°C.

2) Ensure homogeneity of the sample.

Penetration Test:

1) Position the sample container on the penetration apparatus.

2) Allow the standard needle to permeate the bitumen for a specified duration, typically 5 seconds, under a defined load (commonly 100 grams).

3) Record the penetration depth in tenths of a millimeter.

4) Conduct the test a minimum of three times at diverse locations on the sample.


1) Derive the average from the recorded penetration values of the repeated tests.

2) Present the penetration value in tenths of a millimeter.

Temperature Correction:

1) Document the temperature of the bitumen sample during the test.

2) Rectify the penetration value using the correction factors stipulated in the standard for the given test temperature.


1) Communicate the corrected average penetration value as the outcome of the test.

2) Include any supplementary information mandated by the standard.

Safety Precautions:

1) Regularly calibrate the testing apparatus.

2) Adhere strictly to safety protocols throughout the testing procedure.

3) Ensure meticulous compliance with the conditions and procedures articulated in the specific IS code.

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