Expansion Joint Fixing Methodology

Expansion Joint Fixing Methodology

General Overview:

The task involves fabricating and installing expansion joints in accordance with the technical drawings and specifications provided.

Material Compliance:

All materials used, including fabrication, handling, storage, installation procedures, and adherence to standards, must meet the specifications outlined by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORT&H).

Procedure Of Expansion Joint Fixing :

  • Adjusting Gap: The gap between steel edge members is adjusted based on the temperature during installation using a clamp plate arrangement.
  • Positioning: The expansion joint is lowered into position within the block out.
  • Level Adjustment: The level and gradation are adjusted to match the final finished level of the deck slab at the carriage way.
  • Anchoring: Anchor studs are securely welded to the deck reinforcement to ensure stability. Additional steel bars may be employed for reinforcement.
  • Formwork Installation: Necessary formwork is installed to support the concrete pour.
  • Concrete Pouring: Concrete of the specified mix is poured into the block out, ensuring proper compaction.
  • Clamp Plate Removal: Once the concrete has been poured and set, clamp plates are removed.
  • Curing: Proper curing procedures are followed for the block out to ensure optimal strength and durability.
  • Joint Alignment: To maintain uniform joint opening and extrusion parallelism, a string line is utilized.

Equipment/Machinery Required:

  • Welding Machine: 1 unit
  • Cube Moulds: As required
  • Slump Cone Apparatus: 1 set

By adhering to this methodology, expansion joints can be effectively fabricated and installed to meet the required standards and specifications.

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Expansion Joint Fixing

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