(Acceptance Criteria: Ref. Section 200 of MORT&H)


This work shall consists of cutting, removing and disposing of all materials such as trees, bushes, shrubs, roots, grass, weeds, top organic soil not exceeding 150mm’ Dismantling of structures acquired within ROW in brick work, stone masonry, plain/ reinforced concrete, timber structures etc. and sorting out dismantled materials, disposal of unserviceable materials and utilizing the serviceable materials.

Equipment/Machinery Requirement:

  1. Dozer
  2. Excavator
  3. Tippers

Procedure for clearing and grubbing:

  1. Before starting the Clearing and grubbing activity, information to the IC is given through Daily work programme.
  2. Top-soil and deleterious material will be dozed and removed up-to 150mmthickness. All the dozed top soil will be removed from toe line and stacked/displayed away from the area of work.
  3. All the trees, shrubs and roots will be removed from the stretch with the help of manpower/machineries.
  4. Backfilling of the pits will be carried out if required with sand, saturated fully with water.

Procedure for dismantling structures:

  1. The structure shall be carefully dismantled and the resulting materials so removed shall not cause any damage to the serviceable materials and the structures nearby.
  2. The connecting edges shall be cut, chipped and trimmed to the required lines grades without weakening or damaging any part of the structure. Due care shall be taken to ensure that the reinforcement bars which are to be left in place so as to project into the new work as dowels or ties are not injured during removal of concrete while extending the existing culverts/bridges.
  3. In dismantling pavements, MS pipes, guard rails, kerbs, gutter, and fencing, where portions of existing construction are to be left in the finished work, the same shall be removed to an existing joint or cut/chipped true to the lines with face perpendicular to the existing structure.

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